Trump in Therapy is a warning to every U.S citizen: Donald Trump is dangerous. He has neither mental clarity nor emotional stability. His paranoid narcissism is psychopathic: his concern is only for himself and his re-election. He will let nothing stand in his way of seizing total control.

This has catastrophic implications at home and abroad.

Through the graphic format and a strategic social media plan, Trump in Therapy is designed to persuade 18-21 year-olds to vote Trump out of office before he can bring down the Republic.

When a person comes into therapy, he or she wants to change. Trump only wants to prove that he’s “perfect,” a “stable genius.” He tries to manipulate and control Dr. X. As the therapy proceeds, everyone has nightmares: Trump, Dr. X, Mitch McConnell, and former Republican Presidents: Washington, Lincoln and Reagan.

Trump in Therapy is not meant to make fun of the President, nor ridicule him. It shows him for what he is: self-involved, truth twisting, and destructive.

America’s young voters have the power and electoral significance to vote Trump out of office. In key swing states, the urgency of this election cannot be overstated. Four more years of a Trump presidency will be a living nightmare.

It’s up to the youth of the country to stand up for what is right. To vote for the future they want and the future they deserve.