Why Vote?

Voting isn’t just a right–it’s your duty. 

Our country is counting on your voice: young people can change and shape elections. If you step up in 2020, you can bring our democracy back and turn the tide blue.

There are four main reasons why young people fail to vote. Which one applies to you?
1. I’m not interested in politics, None of the candidates speak to me.
2. I live in ___. My vote won’t really make a difference
3. Registering is so confusing.
4. I live outside of my hometown. I don’t even know where I’m supposed to vote.

Though you may not be interested in tax reform or climate change, you need to be interested in heading off the disaster of another four years of a Trump presidency. Get the facts, watch a debate, and find a motivator to get your voice heard!  Here’s a guide to get you started.

Registering can be confusing, but with the right tools it’s a cakewalk. Take a look at this website. You’ll learn how to register, what types of ballots you can choose from, and all the steps to cast your vote. In 5 minutes you can solve any problems you encounter along the way.

Take a look at this state-by-state polling locator. All the sites should have information about where, when, and how to vote for varying elections.

Learn the facts. Get registered. Grab a few friends, and head to the polls!

For comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about how to get registered, check your status, sign up for a mail-in ballot, or more, click on the button below!